I love the idea of a dumb phone honestly (having just bought a Pixel 3…) but feel like as a freelancer alot of my work would actually suffer without being connected more often than I am able to sit at my desk. Instead I am relying on Google’s Digital Wellbeing integration to cut down on non useful phone time! Let’s hope it works well.

I also find that having a smartwatch has helped me use my phone less. It used to be that a notification would ping, I’d unlock my phone to check it and end up scrolling through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram afterwards. Now a quick glance at my wrist lets me know what the notification was and most of the time I don’t even need to take my phone out of my pocket, I can just ignore it. Probably the most useful thing about a smartwatch for me personally. (After telling the time….)

Script reader/editor, freelance writer, photographer and pizza enthusiast. No pineapple. Instagram @bradley_allen_photography

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